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Gymnasts of Colour

To celebrate diversity in our sport we are introducing a monthly spotlight on atheletes of colour, to help educate and inspire you about the amazing achievements of those who have come before us. We hope these stories inspire you to keeping learning, listening and taking action. Black lives matter 🖤

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Hope everyone's keeping safe during these unknown times. Read here for some tips on how to deal with stress that comes with Covid-19. We hope you all look after one another and are reaching out to your friends and family also.
Any updates regarding Covid-19 and ISTO will also be available to read about here. CommISTO are continuing to discuss the situation and we are currently working on plans for all potential outcomes and our next steps. 💚

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Sustainable ISTO

Some sustainability tips from CommISTO and some suggested by you! Please feel free to send us any further suggestions you may have! These are focussing mostly on what participants can do at ISTO to be more eco friendly - CommISTO are already looking at ways we can be more environmentally conscious in the running of the competition. 🌱


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