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How to have a more sustainable ISTO

1. Travel

• Car pool! If you’re driving to ISTO think about filling your car with passengers so few cars are on the road because of ISTO

• Take public transport- bus or train

• If you’re flying over, and you can afford it, consider carbon offsetting your tracelusing sites like vita.ie

• Walk where you can within the city

How to have a more sustainable ISTO

2. Mindful Outfit Planing

• Consider where you get your costume for the socials.

• Wear something you already own

• Vintage shops

• Chairty shops

• Depop

• Make something unique

• Consider only buy things you might wear again

How to have a more sustainable ISTO

3. Avoid Single Use Items for Food and Drinks

• Bring reusable water bottle- maybe even bring an extra one so you can mix your drinks

• Bring a keep cup! They’re very versatile - you can have your coffee in it, put a fizzy drink in it - you could even put some breakfast cereal in it.

• If you cant have a drink without a straw, consider using a reusable alternative - bamboo, metal or silicone can all be found inexpensively in Tiger and other shops.

How to have a more sustainable ISTO

4. Personal Hygiene and Beauty Items

• Use toiletries that you already have- fill up travel size bottles if you have them.

• Consider solid versions of some products- shampoo, soap, conditioner, cleansers and serums (handy for travelling and better for the environment). Many items have plastic free alternatives like neutral deodorant and bamboo toothbrushes.

• Avoid buying toiletries on arrival only using them for the weekend and then discarding them.

• Bring a face cloth or reusable cotton rounds to remove makeup, or try a microfiber cloth so you can take makeup off with water alone.

• If you menstruate- consider reusables.

How to have a more sustainable ISTO

5. In the Hall and General Tips

• Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate bin - recycling, compost or general waste- if you can’t find these bins out and about in the town, we’ll have them in the hall.

• Use the water fountains to refill your water bottles.

• Bring your keep cup to the cafe with you and to the judges lunches.

• If you have reusable cutlery or tupperware you are welcome to use them at judges lunches.

• You can fly with any capacity water bottle or keep a cup once it is empty.

• Say no to single use plastics at socials - straws, cups and shot glasses.

• The website mywaste.ie has some great resources on how to make simple sustainable swaps, decrease overall waster and more info about what can go into various bins.

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